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RJ Kosadnar
RJ Kosadnar Empyrean Benefit Solutions
I have known Lou, the owner, since he opened the store. I was blown away by the service, and especially the food! Once I tasted the food, I felt that my company, Empyrean Benefit Solutions, would love to try Stockyard as a caterer. For over a year now, Stockyard has been my company’s BBQ caterer of choice, not just for internal company events, but also our clients. Many times clients visit numerous times throughout the year and always request Stockyard as their lunch. Many times, Lou himself is out here delivering and helping set up the food. I can’t tell you how much of an impression a good caterer can have on corporate events. Lou, thanks so much for all you do for us. We love ya! RJ Kosadnar (on behalf of Empyrean Benefit Solutions)
Val R
Val R Yelp Review

Review Link Let me start off by mentioning that it seems it’s greater motivation to wright a review when you have an awful experience at a new restaurant you’re trying for the first time.  Well I had the opposite experience at Stockyard BBQ. Their food was so good that I  had that same motivation to express my positive views on a new place. My boyfriend and I both shared the three item three sides meal and each grabbed a dessert. He had the blackberry cobbler and I had the banana pudding… or should I say banana “OMG this is the best banana pudding in the world” pudding? Needless to say, I thought it was! It was so light, creamy, with just the right amount of sugar.I thought the blackberry cobbler was pretty good. Although, I’m not a big blackberry fan.

Lance and I had beef ribs, sliced brisket (insanely good!), and jalapeno sausage with our three sides being mac n cheese, twice baked baked potato casserole and green beans.  The beef ribs weren’t my favorite so I had a taste and thought they were tasty. The sliced brisket was cooked to perfection. They were so tender they fell apart in your mouth. The bbq sauce was very good and went well on everything. The jalapeno sausage was not too greasy or spicy. It was probably my favorite out of the three meats. As for our sides…WOW. The mac n cheese was pretty good. It would have been way more amazing if it was freshly made (call it bad timing on our part). My favorite side was the twice baked loaded baked potato casserole. When you eat it there are literally explosions of flavor in your mouth.  A very close second was their green beans. Now I absolutely hate canned green beans, will eat home made green beans but they wont be my favorite item on my dish, but these green beans blew my mind! They were so good. It was the opposite taste you get when you eat canned green beans. Just deliciousness. I’m not going to say this place is the best bbq place in the world. No place is absolutely perfect. But for me, personally, this place can do no wrong.  It’s definitely going to join the ranks of my “go to” places. 

Yolonda K
Yolonda K Yelp Review
yelp5star Review Link One of my favs for BBQ!  I got turned on to this place through Groupon because they run Groupon Now deals occasionally.  After the first couple of visits, I was hooked.  Everything I have tasted here has great flavor.  The ribs (wet or dry) are Excellent, pork loin – Excellent!, Jalapeno Sausage – Excellent.  I have been very pleased with all of the meat choices although the ribs are my favorite.  As for the sides, I could do without the Macaroni…it is a dry cheese not creamy cheese as I like.  However, the sweet cabbage, beans, rice, coleslaw, green beans, etc….all Excellent.  And the Banana Pudding, OMG!, it’s just like grandma’s.  If you are having an itch for BBQ, I definitely recommend this place.  The restaurant is always clean, food is Excellent, prices are good, service is great, good location!.  Not much to complain about.

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